A Guide About Best Stock Trading Apps for 2022


Triston Martin

Oct 11, 2023

The most influential stock market applications will stand out in all kinds of markets: they'll be simple to use, have a stunning design, provide a full-featured online trading experience, and lastly, offer no-cost ETF and stock trades. In this review of the best stock trading apps for 2022, we meticulously evaluated 15 of the best stock trading apps and analyzed each one with more than 25 distinct characteristics. In order to be awarded top scores, the broker had offered a superior trading experience in all categories of usability. Tests were conducted with two devices: an iPhone XS (Apple iOS) and Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android).

Best Investment Apps

The amount of stock trading options and robo-advisor choices has been growing over the last few years. While the increasing competition and advancement are great for investors, it isn't easy to choose which one is best suited to your needs. To assist you in evaluating the top choices in the marketplace, we’ve thoroughly researched these U.S.-based options to find the best platforms in different categories.

The development of apps for investing has been accompanied by the shift in users' preferences and a rising amount of people choosing to manage their money using smartphones or tablets. Robo-advisors and stock trading platforms have been embracing this trend by making efforts to improve their mobile app experience. Brokers have desktop trading platforms traditionally had more excellent capabilities and features than mobile.

However, the user experience and functions have become increasingly interoperable. The increased consistency between desktop and mobile offers investors enhanced synchronized expertise in terms of alerts, watchlists, and updates. It improves the speed at managing your money and tracking your goals for investing.

Wealthfront provides a robust digital-only investment experience that gives investors access to extensive features for managing money with a sleek, elegant appearance. You'll find the financial advice account aggregate, goal-setting investment, as well as banking options intuitive and easy to use. Self-Driving money from Wealthfront lets you improve your economic efficiency through a rules-based method to transfer funds between accounts and optimize your financial objectives, and put the control of your financial life within your reach.

SoFi - Best Investment Application

An obvious standout in an innovative approach to investing, especially for novice or long-term investors. The possibility of buying cryptocurrency or fractional shares and the possibility for investors of all kinds to be part of IPOs and IPOs, add to our overall view.

· Buy Fractional Shares

SoFi is among the few brokerages that allow investors purchase part-time shares of stock. In simple terms, investors can purchase some shares of stock at as little as $5. That means not just could investors open an account using just a small amount of money, and they can invest a tiny amount of money even in shares whose price is quite high.

· Trading in Cryptocurrencies

SoFi lets investors trade cryptocurrency at any time on that exact SoFi Invest platform they use to purchase or sell stock. The current products consist of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other popular cryptocurrency. SoFi intends to include other digital currencies on its platform soon.

Robinhood - Best Investment Application

Without any fees and the ability to exchange fractional shares as well as cryptocurrency as well as other investment options, Robinhood's top-quality trading platform for mobile apps is for investors who are just beginning their journey and want an excellent place to invest in the field

· Trading in Cryptocurrencies

If you're interested in cryptocurrency, Robinhood could be an excellent choice since cryptocurrency trading is integrated with the company's trading platform. Users can purchase as well as trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and various other cryptocurrencies at any time of the day.

· Cryptocurrency Limit Orders

Some platforms for cryptocurrency allow immediate transactions; however, Robinhood Crypto allows you to make trades immediately. You can utilize the limitation order to specify the price you'd like to purchase or sell. Using a Buy-and-Hold trading plan will reduce your exposure to short-term market volatility, which is something we recommend here at The Ascent. If you're looking to set a date to make profits or purchase the lowest price limits, orders could be extremely beneficial.

Ameritrade - Best Investment Application

The app of TD Ameritrade Mobile comes with a wealth of educational materials that can be used to understand trading. The account you have signed up with gives you free access to online classes to help you master various investing concepts.

Another advantage that comes with TD Ameritrade is that you can create almost any type of investment account, from traditional brokerages to an account for the trust. It's easy to do all your investing in all kinds of situations using the same application.

Fidelity - Best Investment Application

Fidelity is among the biggest brokers globally, having more than 10 trillion dollars in assets. Its product made our list of top trading apps due to a couple of reasons. Fidelity also makes trading simple for those who are new to trading. No minimum balance is required, and there are no minimums required to put money into Fidelity's mutual funds. Fidelity also offers zero-cost index funds that let you build a diversified portfolio without the need to pay costs for investing.


The trading process is now significantly easier, and everybody is doing it. However, it's just through various applications. They offer this feature to your smartphone. We could do it with just a small amount of money and start by investing in the business. Many apps offer a one-time investment in the company you'd like.

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